Building Bridges in Healthcare Technology: MIC at PharmaForum 2024

Building Bridges in Healthcare Technology: MIC at PharmaForum 2024

On 14th March 2024, Saarbrücken hosted the prestigious PharmaForum, themed “Pharma Meets Medical Technology: Translational Medicine – From Research Lab to Application”. The event gathered top-tier experts from the fields of research, clinical practice, and industry. The MIC of the University Medical Centre Mainz was also present with its own exhibition stand and seized the opportunity for in-depth exchanges with other participants.

Organised by the economic ministries of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland alongside the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies and the Central Health Policy Working Group, the forum was dedicated to enhancing collaboration across industry borders.

Key discussions at the event underscored the critical need to speed up innovation processes and highlighted the pivotal role of medical technology in developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Issues such as antibiotic resistance and the imperative to escalate research and development of new treatment methods were central themes. Additionally, the forum addressed the need to improve conditions for clinical trials, enhancing Germany’s profile as a leading hub for pharmaceutical and medical technology research.

For the MIC, PharmaForum 2024 offered an ideal opportunity to deepen existing relationships and forge new partnerships. These interactions are essential for successfully translating research findings into practical medical technology applications, significantly aiding the progression of both medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics.

Overall, PharmaForum 2024 proved to be a valuable event that not only delivered important scientific insights but also served as a catalyst for future projects and partnerships. The MIC reaffirmed its role as a driving force in promoting interdisciplinary and innovative approaches at the intersection of pharmacy and medical technology.